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Besoin d'aide pour votre baignoire ?

We can help you without having to replace it. Using our services you’ll save time and money.

We’re NOT like traditional refinishing companies. We don’t use any toxic sprays. We use a special pour-on solution that creates a SHINY FINISH, DOESN’T PEEL and DOES NOT SMELL.

bathtub refinishing

Si vous avez répondu OUI à l'une des questions ci-dessus, appelez-nous afin que nous puissions vous aider à résoudre votre PROBLÈME.

Here’s ce que nous FAISONS

Avant Après bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing


bathtub refinishing

Cuvette de douche

Avant Après bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing


bathtub refinishing


Here’s what we DON’T DO:

bathtub refinishing

Murs de tuiles

bathtub refinishing

Remplacement de baignoire, pan de douche ou lavabo

bathtub refinishing

Nous ne refinissons pas les baignoires où un moule en acrylique qui a été installé sur une baignoire (par exemple, Bain Magique)

bathtub refinishing

Retouchez la peinture sur les petits dommages (ou rayures)

Why we’re sommes différents des autres entreprises traditionnelles de finition par pulvérisation :

Notre peinture (un époxy spécial pour les bains) est Inodore.. You won’t have to worry about the safety of your family breathing in dangerous toxic fumes.

Notre peinture ne s'écaille pas et est très résistante.


It's C'est FACILE À ENTRETENIR.Avec des soins et un entretien appropriés, il durera de nombreuses années.


Pourquoi devriez-vous travailler avec nous?

We imagine that the bath we’re working on is ours which means we take pride in our work to ensure you get the best results possible. Below is just a sample of baths we’ve worked on.

Avant Après bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing
Avant Après bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing
Avant Après bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing
Avant Après bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing

If you’re still not convinced, you can read testimonials from some of our customers.

  • My mom just had 2 bathtubs painted by Durabath, well worth it. Now they look brand new, so shiny looks like porcelain. They did great work, very professional, very good eco friendly products, great price. Their service was excellent, very punctual,  good communication . She's very satisfied, highly recommend them, don't need to search further.

    bathtub refinishing Stefano Cortellino
  • I just had my bathtub refinished by Durabaths. My bathtub was not only tired looking, it had several chips and was harder and harder to clean. I had picked Durabaths because they were responsive and assured me that the smell and dust would be minimal if not at all. They were true to their word. As an asthmatic, I react to most chemicals and dust. When they had finished their work, and they are the nicest people, I closed the bathroom door, kept the heater on for the tub to dry, and did not notice any residual smell in my home. I am more than happy with their work and with my new looking bathtub. I can't wait to use it!

    bathtub refinishing Susan Elias
  • Scrappy old tub got a face lift. Our tub this is in an older home looks like it has been replaced with a new tub. Great work, great communication. Would highly recommend their services. Great response time and delivers what they promise. Something that is hard to find in this day and age with some companies. Thank you.

    bathtub refinishing Kim Burton
  • In the past i have used other companies to upgrade several bath tubs, we recently came across Durabath and had them paint one of our units last month. Service was great, price in my budget, and the bath tub looks brand new. Great job.

    bathtub refinishing Leonardo Medeiros
  • My parents had an old tub from the fifties and didn't want to change it but the color was bad and the shine wasn't there anymore. He did a really nice job and it looks like porcelain now. I think they have a really good product I recommend them!!!

    bathtub refinishing Danny Mercado
  • Excellent work done, Bath tub looks like brand new. Highly recommended. Thank you France & Chris !!

    bathtub refinishing rahul gureja
  • We're a design firm that have been using them to help with repairs on shower pans and to refinish antique bathtubs for our customers. They are very professional and the products they use don't leave any strong odors. We've used other refinishing companies in the past but had a lot of complaints from our customers about the strong paint smells. You won't have a problem with this company. I highly recommend them.

    bathtub refinishing Deco MF
  • Chis and France did a fantastic job. Tier-one quality service. Definitely recommend.

    bathtub refinishing Ming Gao
  • Service très a l’écoute des besoins du client et bon service après vente. Ils ont été super professionnels du début à la fin et le résultat est excellent. Dans mon cas, c’était avantageux de refaire le fini du bain au lieu de refaire toute la plomberie dans un vieux bâtiment. Le résultat est aussi beau qu’un nouveau bain.

    bathtub refinishing Thierry Dagnino
  • We are so happy with this company! Customer service was amazing, France and Chris care about their work. This is truly the best option to have your bath tub looking brand new! I want to thank the company for their excellent service and professional workmanship.

    bathtub refinishing Wendy Bourne