Bathtub Refinishing:
Renew Your Bath

Do you need help with your bathtub?

We can help you without having to replace it. Using our services you’ll save time and money.

We’re NOT like traditional refinishing companies. We don’t use any toxic sprays. We use a special pour-on solution that creates a SHINY FINISH, DOESN’T PEEL and DOES NOT SMELL.

bathtub refinishing

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then give us a call so we can help solve your PROBLEM.

Here’s what we DO:

Before After bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing


bathtub refinishing

Shower Trays

Before After bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing


bathtub refinishing


Here’s what we DON’T DO:

bathtub refinishing

Tiles walls

bathtub refinishing

Bathtub, Shower Tray or Sink Replacement

bathtub refinishing

We don't refinish baths where an acrylic mold has been installed on a bathtub (e.g bath fitters or bain magique)

bathtub refinishing

Touch up paint on small damages (or scratches)

Why we’re different from other Traditional Spray Refinishing Companies:

Our paint (a special epoxy for baths) is Odourless. You won’t have to worry about the safety of your family breathing in dangerous toxic fumes.

Our paint WON'T PEEL and is Very Resistant


It's EASY TO MAINTAIN. With proper care and maintenance it will last for many years.


Why you should work with us?

We imagine that the bath we’re working on is ours which means we take pride in our work to ensure you get the best results possible. Below is just a sample of baths we’ve worked on.

Before After bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing
Before After bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing
Before After bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing
Before After bathtub refinishingbathtub refinishing

If you’re still not convinced, you can read testimonials from some of our customers.

  • I just had my bathtub refinished by Durabaths. My bathtub was not only tired looking, it had several chips and was harder and harder to clean. I had picked Durabaths because they were responsive and assured me that the smell and dust would be minimal if not at all. They were true to their word. As an asthmatic, I react to most chemicals and dust. When they had finished their work, and they are the nicest people, I closed the bathroom door, kept the heater on for the tub to dry, and did not notice any residual smell in my home. I am more than happy with their work and with my new looking bathtub. I can't wait to use it!

    bathtub refinishing Susan Elias
  • We are so happy with this company! Customer service was amazing, France and Chris care about their work. This is truly the best option to have your bath tub looking brand new! I want to thank the company for their excellent service and professional workmanship.

    bathtub refinishing Wendy Bourne
  • We have a vintage kitchen sink from my husbands childhood that we just adore. But over the years the wear and tear made it look rundown and old. Durabath did an excellent job of restoring our sink. It looks beautiful and brand new. Thank you France and Chris! Highly recommended! -Sou-

    bathtub refinishing Seasun Chan
  • We had our claw foot tub restored by Durabath, the tub looks incredible! They made our scratched, dingy looking tub look brand new.

    bathtub refinishing Christie Jacobs
  • They did a bathtub refinishing in our condo. Very prompt call from France after I sent the inquiry via e-mail (she answered back the same day - it was on a Sunday...). Chris is a professional technician. He came on a Friday as scheduled but water was shutoff in the building so he was not able to wash the bathtub before the refinishing work. He left his tools at the condo and came back on Saturday, no extra charge for that. I definitely recommend.

    bathtub refinishing Dan Bente
  • Very pleased & satisfied with their service. Chris and France did an excellent job. They are very professional, efficient & detailed oriented. I highly recommend their services for anyone looking to repair cracks on a shower base.

    bathtub refinishing Humberto De Melo
  • We're a design firm that have been using them to help with repairs on shower pans and to refinish antique bathtubs for our customers. They are very professional and the products they use don't leave any strong odors. We've used other refinishing companies in the past but had a lot of complaints from our customers about the strong paint smells. You won't have a problem with this company. I highly recommend them.

    bathtub refinishing Deco MF
  • Excellent service and work! France is a pleasure to work with, and both the tubs that she refinished look brand new. Will use again for other projects.

    bathtub refinishing Natasha Iordanidis
  • Amazing job professionally done, very satisfied with the finished bath looking new

    bathtub refinishing Faatemah Saumtally
  • Travail de qualité! La baignoire a une deuxième vie! C’est beau et cela ressemble à du neuf!

    bathtub refinishing Fritznel Jean-Charles