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Renting your units is becoming more and more competitive. The number one challenge you face is attracting customers to visit your property instead of your competitors.

You’re always looking for ways to make your space stand out so that you can attract your ideal customers. Positive testimonials are vital to attracting them and growing your business. So how do you create an unforgettable stay for your customers?

More and more clients are taking pictures of their hotel rooms and sharing it with the world on their preferred social media. This is the most effective way of advertising for your business.  

How Can Durabath Help You To Stay Competitive?

Example Cost Savings Calculation

You are a business owner that has a decision to make. You have 50 units that need work on the baths. Below are your options

Cost to Replace a BathCost to Refinish a Bath
Average Cost/Bath$4800$700
Number of Units5050
Downtime 1 Week2 Days
Calculations$5,000 x 50$700 x 50
Total Costs$240,000$35,000

If you compare the costs between replacing the tub and refinishing the tub that’s a savings of over 80%. Not only that the down time is much less. 2 days as compared to 1 week per bath.

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