Our Story

In 2017 we started out as a bath refinishing services company.

Unlike other traditional tub resurfacing businesses we discovered a way to apply bath paint without making our technicians or customers sick.

The only tools we needed to apply the paint was a specially formulated enamel-based epoxy for baths, a spatula, gravity and a winning attitude :).

We successfully resurfaced over 2000+ baths.

In early 2020, we wanted to change the way we were doing business. But it was only a thought and we had a hard time letting go of our services piece because we loved working directly with our customers.

Then the Pandemic hit….And everything just stopped. The hotels, universities and property management companies put everything on hold including the renovation of their baths. With an uncertain market there was no unnecessary spending.

So we played the waiting game. A day turned to a week. A week to a month and then two and three… It was hell waiting for something to happen.

Even though we were down we were not out.

We got tired of waiting and we asked ourselves some powerful questions. One of the questions we asked was, “How can we help our customers during this time (and all the time)?”

The answer was obvious, “Empower them. Teach them how to do it too”. But not just how to do it, but how to do it consistently well.” This was the change we were looking for. The change that would benefit everyone.

Online DIY Bath Refinishing!!!

Why Should You Work With Us?

We Understand You

We know exactly what you are going through.
You’re here because you have an old-looking tub (or shower tray) but don’t want to replace it.
You’re looking for products that are durable, look good, aren’t dangerous to your health, and easy to apply. But, you’re not necessarily looking for a cheap product that won’t last.
You’re here because you have a real concern for the environment.
You’re here because you want to save money by doing it yourself (instead of paying a professional to do it).
You’re here because you need our expert help and guidance on how to do this.

We Use Only High Quality Eco-Friendly Products

Every product we offer on our website are products we have personally tested and used with our customers. Our criteria are simple: everything has to be high quality, safe for you (and the environment), durable and it has to look good.
If you have the same requirements or standards for your DIY bath refinishing project then you’ve come to the right place.
The products we offer are odorless and safe but very resistant. From our DIY Bath Resurfacing Kits to our clear coat anti-slip which prevents slips, falls, and injury.

We’ve Created Step-By-Step Videos To Guide You

During the 3 years of serving our customers, we reglazed a lot of baths and shower trays.

We had a lot of success but we also made some mistakes too (we’re only human :)). This is what helped us to become better. Also, the training we received (when we first started) was inadequate so we had to figure out a lot of stuff on our own.
Luckily, we learned a bunch of lessons and we share that information in our Free Step-By-Step videos and manuals to prevent you from making the same mistakes we did. We produce quality videos and show you the little details so that you can produce the same results and create a beautiful bath. And, if you do make mistakes (because we know you’re also human :)) we show you how to fix them.

We Provide You With Support You Need

We know that you will probably have questions. So that is why we have email and phone support setup to answer any questions you may have. This way you can have the confidence to start and complete this project successfully.


If you want to get started on this project you’ll need to:

  • Watch our Training Videos. Register Here.
  • Get our Bath Refinishing Kit Here.
  • Finally Start Refinishing Your Own Bath.!