Yes, you can paint your bathtub. But, you can’t use regular wall paint on your bath.


You may laugh but that is exactly why people ask this question. Some have tried 🙂


They think that if wall paint can make a wall look new again that it can make an old bath look new too. 


Painting a wall and a bath have a similar process but both use completely different types of paint. Also the surface is completely different.


Before you paint a wall you have to prepare it. You have to fill in any holes and sand it so that the wall is even. Then you have to clean the surface and apply the primer. Then you apply several coats of paint. 


Before you paint a bath you also have to prepare the bath and the surface. Any chips and holes have to be patched and sanded.


If your bath has never been painted the surface will have to be etched. This is when you use hydrofluoric acid on the tub for deep cleaning any shampoo, soap or oils that may affect the adhesion of the bath coating or paint.


The bath then needs to be rinsed and completely dried. Water and bath paint don’t mix well. So make sure it is dry and that no water is leaking from the tap, shower head or walls.


Then you need to prepare the enamel or bath paint which is usually a 2-part enamel base epoxy. This is the best product on the market that is not only odorless but is durable and creates a great glossy finish.


The enamel paint then needs to be applied. 


After the application, which takes about 3 – 4 hours you need to wait for about 48 hours for the enamel to fully cure. 


Then you need to re-install the drain overflow and apply new silicone caulking around the tub.