There are several bath reglazing kits on the market and choosing the right one to complete your bath renovation project can be a bit confusing. Before you start there are several questions you should ask:


  • What is the product made of?
  • Is it durable?
  • What materials will it stick to?
  • Does it create a nice finish?
  • Does it smell?
  • Is it easy to apply?


What is the product made of?

Here you will want to look for a product that is made with a 2 part system where you have to mix two components together. We recommend an epoxy solution where you have a resin and a hardener.


Is It durable?

Any product made with a 2-part system is stronger than any 1-part system. 2-part systems have a resin and a hardener that have to be mixed. When mixed there is a chemical reaction which leads to optimal bonding and curing. The end result is an extremely durable finish. This is important because you want a product that will last.


What materials will it stick to?

Most baths are made of metal, cast iron, acrylic or fiberglass. Whatever kit you choose make sure that it adheres to all the materials mentioned.


Does it create a nice finish?

When you paint or reglaze your bath you want something that will create a nice finish and will look good. You don’t want a product that will leave a bunch of drip lines or roll marks. 


Does it smell?

You want to choose a product that isn’t toxic or have strong odors. You don’t want to be smelling something strong while you work or that can be dangerous to your health. You also have to consider that after the work is done that the odors may linger in the house for a few days.


Is it easy to apply?

One of the reasons why you look for a DIY bath resurfacing kit is so that you can save money and do this on your own. You want to look for a product that’s easy to apply without any expensive equipment.


There are only 2 products that earn check marks to the above questions: Ekopel 2K and Armoglaze. 


The similarities:

  • Both use a 2-part epoxy system
  • Both are extremely durable. 
  • Both adhere to metal, cast iron, acrylic and fiberglass.
  • Both create a nice glossy finish.
  • Both have low odors. (But we recommend using a disposable mask while you work)
  • Both use the same pour-on application method. Which is very easy to learn.
  • They are both around the same price range.


So which one is really the best one?


We have personally refinished over 2000 baths and shower trays and the one that wins here is Armoglaze. Here’s why:


  1. Armoglaze’s standard colour matches the American Standard bath colours which is an off-white. Ekopel 2K is very white, almost too white. Armoglaze is made in the US and Ekopel 2K is made in Slovenia in Europe.
  2. Armoglaze retains more paint on the vertical walls. 
  3. Slight air drafts affect the surface of baths refinished with Ekopel 2K. It will sometimes create an orange peel look on certain areas. You always have to ensure the bathroom door is closed when you work and to minimize any type of draft. Slight air draft does not seem to affect the Armoglaze solution.
  4. Both are self adjusting solutions. But Armoglaze wins here again. On several baths we touched the surface by mistake using both solutions and we noticed that Armoglaze self adjusted nicely. Ekopel 2K adjusts too but there were times that it didn’t and it left a slight mark on the finish. We ran this test within a 2 hour window of mixing the paint and applying it to the bath. If you touch the surface of the bath on either product after 3 hours they will both leave marks on the surface.