Professional Bath Refinishing Paint

Traditional professional bath refinishers traditionally use spray systems to apply paint. They use a sprayer and compressor. 

Before they apply the paint they must prepare the surface before any paint can be applied. Once it has been prepared a primer is applied to the surface. The primer helps other paint coatings to bond to the surface of a bath. 

The different paints they use on the bath range from polyurethane acrylic to epoxy-based paint. 

If you don’t want to paint your own bath you can research local bath refinishers with great reviews.

For anyone who would like to save on labour costs, you can paint the bath yourself. Below are the different options available for you.

DIY Bath Spray Solutions

These DIY bath spray kits are probably the lowest priced paint that you can buy. It is easy to apply because it just has to be sprayed. The problem is that you may get a bit of overspray on the tile walls or floor if you are not a skilled sprayer. 

The second problem you will encounter is that it will start to flake or peel. Usually within a year to a few months. You will then be faced with the problem of having to repaint your bath. The only problem now is that you have to strip the paint off completely before you try applying any other paint.

Rustoleum offers this type of solution. 

DIY Bath Roll-on Solution

This solution is a step up from the DIY Bath Spray Solution. Many roll on products that are available on the market today are 2-part systems. When the 2 components are mixed they will form a more durable surface when it dries. Again you do have to prepare the surface properly before painting.

The odors can sometimes be a little strong. So don’t forget to use a disposable mask or half mask if you do decide to use this type of paint. 

If you don’t roll the paint evenly it may create paint drip lines, especially if you put too much paint.  

2 companies that offer this product are Bathworks and Rustoleum.

DIY Bath Pour-on Solution

This is also a 2-part system. So it is also very durable. This solution creates the nicest finish of the 3 options. Pour-on systems use gravity and are self adjusting. It is easy to learn but there are little details you need to know about before starting this project. 

The coating is much thicker than the other 2 solutions in our opinion are more durable, plus there is less odor. But, we still recommend using a half mask for safety. 

2 products available on the market are Ekopel 2K and Armoglaze. Ekopel 2K is made in Slovenia and Armoglaze is made in the US.