When I contacted them they were already aware of bath refinishing. They were already refinishing their own baths using a DIY Bath Refinishing Kit from Home Depot. They own over 2000 units which made sense for them to do this.


The Problem

The problem they experienced was that their paint would start to peel within a matter of months. They had never heard of our product or the unique application method. They were skeptical because we told them that compared to any product in the market our eco-friendly liquid coating was more durable and was applied without a sprayer.


Delivering the Solution

I did a test bath so they could see it for themselves. They were amazed with the results and the way it was applied but they weren’t thrilled with the price for the service $550.


It was all about the bottom line and saving as much as possible.


We offered another solution. I recommended that we train 2 of their maintenance employees to learn how to apply the product. They decided to take our 3 day training because it would mean greater saving for them. At the end of the course both team members were able to replicate the same results.


They saved on the service charges and only had to pay for the bath coating every time a bath needed to be done.



CIF Properties was able to save 67% on their bathroom renovation costs using their own team. Plus their baths never peeled again and the tenants enjoyed brand new baths.