When people ask how long does bath paint last, some want to know how long the shine lasts and others want to know how long the paint will last before it starts to peel. 


If you’re asking yourself this question your bath is probably in bad shape or has lost its shine. You’re probably looking to renew the surface but not sure if you should do this or not. 


For starters, not all bath paints are the same. Some bath paints will peel within a few months and some will never peel as long as the surface is properly prepared. 


The bath paints that easily peel are DIY Bath Paints that are sprayed from an aerosol. This may be a great short term solution but it doesn’t last. 


If you want a bath paint that will last and won’t peel, look for a 2-part pour-on epoxy solution. When properly applied with ideal temperatures they will not peel. 


With regards to the finish, how long the shine lasts will depend on how you care and maintain it after the bath has been reglazed. 


If you’ve reglazed your bath using a 2-part pour-on epoxy, the shine can last for 10 plus years. But, you have to do your part to maintain the shine.


How to Care and Maintain Your Newly Refinished Bath

  • Make sure to clean your bath regularly and don’t wait too long between washes. 
  • You can use simple dish soap and a soft cloth.
  • Avoid using scrubbing pads
  • Do not use any cleaners that have scrubbing agents.
  • Do not use hard cleaners like javel or Ajax.
  • Avoid using any hair dye as this may discolor the tub.
  • Avoid dropping heavy objects in the bath. The new finish will be durable but if this happens regularly it may cause the paint to chip.
  • If you wash pets in the tub make sure to protect the bottom of the bath with a towel.


If you follow these recommendations you can maintain the shine for many years.