Are you thinking about refinishing your bath but wondering if it is toxic? You’re not the only one. There are many people who are in the same situation as you and not sure if painting their bath is dangerous.


You have two categories of reglazing products, toxic and non-toxic.


Professional bath refinishers traditionally use spray methods to apply their paint. The chemicals they use to strip and remove the old paint from the bath is very strong and sometimes very dangerous.


If you have ever used these services you might have experienced this first hand. They will wear full face masks with carbon filters and may even use a portable exhaust fan to push the odors out of the house through a window. 


I personally used to spray baths for a bath refinishing company and I lasted only 4 months. The odors were too toxic and on several occasions I had to go to the emergency because I had a hard time breathing, especially after I finished a job.


It’s not fair to say that all professional bath refinishers use toxic or dangerous paint or stripping products. We have seen some starting to introduce products that are more eco-friendly. But, you have to do your research and make some calls to your local bath refinisher and ask them questions about their paint and stripping products.


If you’re looking at resurfacing your own bath you’ll need to get a DIY Bath Refinishing Kit. 


Here again you will find products that are toxic and non-toxic. They will either have strong odors or very faint smells. 


You have bath paint that can be sprayed, rolled on or poured. The solution that has low odors are 2-part epoxy paints that are poured on. This paint is also the strongest product for DIYers which also creates a great finish. 


They are the most expensive products on the market but if you are looking for a product that doesn’t smell much then you should look for a 2 part epoxy pour on paint.