Bathtubs don’t normally peel so why is your bath’s paint peeling. You may not have realized it when you bought your home or rented your apartment but someone may have refinished or painted your bath using a cheap product from your local hardware store or it may have been done by a bath refinishing company that did not properly prepare and clean the bath before applying the paint. 


Peeling is not only caused by bad paint jobs or cheap paint but it can also be caused by other factors.


A small chip in the paint can cause peeling. This can be caused by dropping your handheld shower head or other heavy items in your bath. That tiny chip can turn into a small hole when water begins to get under the paint. 


It may not happen immediately but over time the paint begins to loosen which eventually causes the paint to peel. 


Unfixed water leaks can also cause this. In many cases paint around the drain may begin to peel prematurely because of water buildup.


Normal wear and tear may be the cause. If you refinished your bath over 5 years ago then it may be time to reglaze it again.


If your bath is peeling you’re probably focusing on how ugly your bath looks right now. 


How do you solve this?


For starters, you will need to resurface your bath again. 


You can either hire a professional bath refinisher or you can try tackling this project yourself.


It doesn’t matter which option you choose but one of the things that needs to happen is that the old paint needs to be removed. You can use bath paint strippers or you can try scraping it off. 


This is a very important step because if you try painting a bath with paint that is peeling chances are the new paint will eventually fail. The new paint should ideally bond to the original bath.


Once the paint has been removed it needs to be cleaned and prepared so that the new paint will bond to the surface. 


Finally you need to choose a paint for your bath.

The best paint to use if you are doing this yourself is to use a 2-part epoxy formulated for baths. The one that creates a durable and glossy finish is the solution that is poured on.