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Is bathtub reglazing worth it?
When considering any type of bath renovation you only have 2 options: replace or resurface it. 95% of tubs just look worn out because the shine is gone but they are still fully functional. Replacing a tub can run you well over $2500. Reglazing on average is less than $500 and if you do it yourself is much less. It is definitely worth it in our opinion.
Can I refinish my bathtub myself?
Yes. We have DIY step-by-step bath refinishing videos that show you the whole process
Can you paint tiles with Armoglaze?
No. We know there are other paints out there that is similar to Armoglaze but we do not recommend this at all. Whether it is Armoglaze or any other paint that is poured. It creates too many runs and drips.
What kind of baths can you refinish with your product?
Our no-spray pour-on epoxy paint works on fiberglass, acrylic, steel and baths.
Will this work with acrylic or fiberglass shower trays?
Yes, it will work with both? You have to make sure the foundation is solid. If it isn’t and it bends then the epoxy may crack. Watch our videos to see how to solidify the foundation.
When can I use my bath again?
You can use your bath after 48 hours (2 days).
Should I leave the window in the washroom open while working or to help the paint dry?
No. We do not recommend leaving any window open while working or after you’ve applied the paint. You want to reduce any possible contaminants from entering your work space. An open window may attract debris, insects and/or dust. When the paint is drying it may end up on the surface which will affect the finish. Also make sure to close the bathroom door if you have one.
Should I remove the drain?
It’s not necessary to remove the drain but we recommend it. Sometimes it’s not possible to remove the drain. The building may be too old, it may be too hard for you to remove it or you may not want to hire a plumber to do this. We have videos that show you both ways.
How long will the coating last?
This really depends on you but with the proper care and maintenance it can last over 10 years.
Once the new surface dries is it slippery?
Any new surface will always be slippery when it is wet. It could be a new bath or a bath that has been resurfaced. If you are concerned for the safety of your family or customers we have anti-slip products in our store that can help prevent slips, falls and injury.
How long do I have to wait after I apply the anti-slip clear coating?
You can use it after 24 hours.

Why Durabath ?

Tub Reglazing Allows You To Save Over 80% On Your Bath Renovation Costs

Tub refinishing is a great alternative to replacing a perfectly functioning bath. The average cost to install a bath is about $3598. The tile walls and floor need to be destroyed and the bath has to be removed. A new bath is then installed and everything is rebuilt. You avoid all this by choosing to resurface your tub. When you refinish your bathtub using our tub refinishing kit you’ll spend less than $200. You apply the product without having to take out the tub.

Free Step-By-Step DIY Bath Refinishing Videos

In the past, bath reglazing could only be performed by a trained bath refinisher. With our videos we empower you by showing you how to resurface a tub using a unique no-spray application. You can go back to them again and again. If you can follow instructions then you can do this.

No Expensive Equipment Is Needed

Because you won’t be spraying you won’t need any expensive equipment like spray guns and compressors. When you apply our specially formulated bath epoxy paint all you’ll need is a cup and a spatula to guide the paint, gravity and the right mindset.

Extremely Glossy And Durable Finish That Won’t Peel

The biggest complaint that a lot of DIYers have is that the coatings don’t last and after a few years it starts to peel. Our bath coating is 20 times thicker than other bathtub paints which means that it’ll be hard to damage. If you’ve properly prepared the tub using our step-by-step videos and properly applied the paint then it will last for many years.

Eco-friendly Bath Refinishing Kit And Accessories

One of the questions that people ask is, “Are Your Products Dangerous For My Family Or Pets”? Our bath reglazing products and accessories are non-toxic and odourless so it won’t leave any strong smells lingering in your home. You’ll feel good knowing that you won’t have to worry about your safety.

Minimize Downtime to 2 Days

Replacing a bath can take a week or more depending on how fast you or your contractors work. Our process takes about 4 hours to complete and 2 days to fully cure. You don’t have to wait a long time until you can take your next bath or shower.

Leaves No Mess

One of the things you’ll love about this product is that it won’t leave a huge mess. You won’t have to worry about protecting your whole bathroom with plastic or paper because of paint overspray. With our product it can also get messy if you don’t know the proper work techniques. We know, we started out exactly where you are right now but learned a bunch of lessons which we share in our videos.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Once you’ve finished your bath you will need to provide regular care so that it lasts for many years. What I mean is that you have to clean it regularly. The cool thing is that you won’t have to use any expensive bath cleaning products. Just simple liquid dish soap and no abrasive scrubbing pads.

Doing Your Part For The Environment

There are way too many baths and shower trays that are being ripped out and thrown away. All they need is an uplift to the finish. You’ll feel good knowing that you helped the environment, by choosing to extend the life of your bath using our products and techniques.


“These people are like artists ( artists make simple things look beautiful ). These people made an old bathtub look like a million bucks. They took all the time required to make the old bathtub look shiny and new. Great job !!!”

Angelo Bentivegna

“I had my bathtub redone this week and am amazed by the results. The installer was so polite and professional… instead of having to call a plumber and having to dispose of my old tub … they were able to recycle mine and make it look like new. I am 100% satisfied with their work and recommend them to anyone needing an economical and environmentally friendly solution to a bathroom Reno.”

brenda lemco

“Scrappy old tub got a facelift. Our tub this is in an older home looks like it has been replaced with a new tub. Great work, great communication. Would highly recommend their services. Great response time and delivers what they promise. Something that is hard to find in this day and age with some companies.”

Kim Burton

“In the past I have used other companies to upgrade several bathtubs, we recently came across Durabath and had them paint one of our units last month. Service was great, price in my budget, and the bath tub looks brand new. Great job.”

Leonardo Medeiros

“We have a vintage kitchen sink from my husband’s childhood that we just adore. But over the years the wear and tear made it look run down and old. Durabath did an excellent job of restoring our sink. It looks beautiful and brand new. Thank you France and Chris! Highly recommended!”

Seasun Chan

“Very satisfied, work was done as promised, bathtub looks great,Thanks.”

John Hazarian

“My parents had an old tub from the fifties and didn’t want to change it but the color was bad and the shine wasn’t there anymore. He did a really nice job and it looks like porcelain now. I think they have a really good product I recommend them!!!”

Danny Mercado

“We’re a design firm that has been using them to help with repairs on shower pans and to refinish antique bathtubs for our customers. They are very professional and the products they use don’t leave any strong odors. We’ve used other refinishing companies in the past but had a lot of complaints from our customers about the strong paint smells. You won’t have a problem with this company. I highly recommend them.”

Deco MF

“I usually don’t leave write reviews but I wanted to say thank you! My tub looks and feels new again! Great job!!”


Here’s What You’ll Need To Do To Get Started


Buy our bath refinishing kit on our Products page.


Register Here to get FREE access to the training videos.


Study the Step-By-Step Instructions in our videos.


Paint your bath.


Wait 48 hours.


And Finally…..Enjoy Your New Bathtub!

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What is the best DIY bathtub refinishing kit?

The best DIY bathtub refinishing kits are 2-part epoxies you can apply by pouring on without spraying or rolling with a paint roller. There are only two kits available in the market that allow you to pour it on: Ekopel 2K and Armoglaze. Between the 2 Armoglaze is the best one because it is made in the US and for its self adjusting properties

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Is bathtub reglazing worth it?

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Is tub reglazing toxic?

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How long does bathtub paint last?

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